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In the fall of 2008, I kept seeing falling house values, and I was ready to jump back into home ownership. Over the years, I had owned a few homes in different states, but this would be my first home in Tampa, Florida. One of the buzzwords I kept seeing was " Short Sale" and I really did not know too much about a short sale at the time. A co-worker recommended Balance Realty Group with Keller Williams Realty. I met them at his office for a consultation on the home buying process and covered foreclosures & short sales in-depth. After the meeting, I felt comfortable working with Balance Realty Group, and soon after starting going out and looking at houses.

After a few weeks of receving emailing me properties, I found my dream home, and everything felt right except it being a short sale and coin flip of acquiring the property. That's pretty much what it comes down to with short sales; you're never certain what the bank will take on a short sale. I followed all the steps in the short sale process that my agents counseled me on, and made my offer in mid October 2008. Keller Williams Realty emphasized you have to be patient with short sales, and that they are really "long sales". During the next few weeks, I would be updated me on the offer, and in January of 2009 after almost 12 weeks, I got the great news that the bank was going to accept my offer.

It was thrilling to get the news that I was going to be able to purchase this unbelievable deal, and I could not have done it without Keller Williams Realty and Balance Realty Group help. They even went the extra mile and helped me with my inspections and financing pointing me in all the right directions, and making me feel like customers comes first. Could not be happier with the service I received from them, and he helped navigate me in the complicated short sale process. Actually, the entire process was very smooth, and I even get the 8k tax credit for purchasing in 2009. I would recommend Balance Realty Group to any buyer or seller because they know what they are doing.

Sienna Grace Agan
Seminole Heights

We had been searching for a new South Tampa home for months when we came across Balance Realty Group at Keller Williams advertisment. The home was a "short sale", and we heard horror stories of people trying to buy homes doing that. The price seemed too good to be true, so we called Balance Realty Group to schedule a showing. The agent met us at the home and we put it under contract. To our amazment we closed 11 days later. The process was painless, and anyone who says "short sales" are bad news have not talked with Balance Realty Group. Thanks.

Patrick Lawhead
Tampa, Fl.

In 2008 I was looking for a home for my family. I found one and the price of the home somewhat stunned me being that the home was an updated 3/2 block home with an in-ground pool. Instantly I was interested in the home and called Balance Realty Group to inquire about this place. I was told that it was a "short-sale" and buying the home could be arduous. Fortunately, Balance Realty Group had a system along with Keller Williams of selling and purchasing short sales, and they filled me in on all the different things I should do to purchase the home. After we filled out all the paperwork they took my offer direct to the lender and presented my offer with all the reasons why the lender should accept my bid. There was a little wait which was worth it for sure, and having someone in my corner that knew what they were doing really made buying a short sale not as bad as some of the horror stories I have heard from other people. Thanks Keller Williams and Balance Realty Group for everything. My kids and I love the house, and would recommend your services for other buyers and sellers.

Best Wishes,
Michelle Smith
Seminole Heights, Fl.

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