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Who is Balance Realty Group?

Balance Realty Group is affiliated with Keller Williams Realty, and helps Tampa homeowners in adverse circumstances. Our mission is to achieve the essential balance between buyers, sellers and lenders in order to create a scenario that is beneficial to all parties involved, and get through all the moving parts on short sales in Tampa. Our desire is to assist all parties in a challenging real estate transaction. Our goal is to gather the correct facts to the current marketplace, and the realities of the current situation, so that all parties - the lender, the trustee, and the trustor have these facts to make the correct decisions.

Once the decisions have been made, implementation is paramount because of time and value of money. Through consulting all parties on the reality of the current Tampa Florida real estate market, and producing a plan of action that will be quickly implemented, Balance Realty Group can eliminate a loss of equity on the parts of both the lender and the borrower. The bottom line is we stop the bleeding as fast as possible.

Thank you for visiting Balance Realty Group website. Our experience is without equal in Hillsborough and Pinellas counties, and we like to get it done now! By working with determined buyer and sellers we successfully sell property and minimize losses. You will see that we are an asset and a resource to your situation. Balance Realty Group will help you exit this difficult time, and guide you though the entire process.

Who Balance Realty Group is NOT

Balance Realty Group is NOT a Tampa foreclosure rescue company that charges upfront fees, and makes promises that we cannot keep. As the nations foreclosure crisis cripples delinquent homeowners in unprecedented numbers, many people do not know where to turn and end up hiring a for-profit "foreclosure rescue" company that usually ends up being a scam. Many of these companies try to steal equity from homeowners, or charge retainer fees and do nothing. These companies offer no real service other than giving out a Web site or telling you when your foreclosure date is and final judgment.

At Balance Realty Group we are under one of the top brokerage firms in the United States with Keller Williams Realty. Our agents are licensed professionals, and have a thorough knowledge on short sales. Lastly, we take and ethical approach to helping people in distressed situations to create win-win deals time and again. Call us today at 813-865-0700 ext 1127 for a FREE consultation!

We can help!

We at Balance Realty Group are at your disposal using all of our experience, skills, and industry contacts to help you navigate thought this difficult time.

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