Welcome to Balance Realty Group!

Welcome to Balance Realty Group!

Helping  Homeowners  Stop  Foreclosure

Do you owe more than your home is worth?

Help is available, and Balance Realty Group along with Keller Williams Realty can help you out. There are a variety of reasons Tampa homeowners face a pending foreclosure, but fortunately there are options available to you that can stop the foreclosure dead in its tracks. If you have enough equity in your home, you can sell at a price that will let you pay off the existing mortgage, and hopefully have money left over for real estate fees and closing costs.

If the current market value of your home is less than the amount owed on the mortgage, the answer could be a short sale. As a seller we can negotiate a short sale in Tampa, on your behalf at no cost to you. You will pay no commissions, no closing costs, and no out of pocket expenses. For a guide to Tampa Short Sales, click on the
"What is a Short Sale?" button at the top of the page.

Balance Realty Group can be of assistance to you and get you through this situation. All at NO OBLIGATION OR COST, and our 10 + years of experience will be of help to you. It is always Keller Williams Realty goal to build clients for life whether we work together now or in the future. Everyone at Balance Realty Group is extremely qualified to obtain initial information as well as set a time for a personal confidential appointment.

Please give us a call 813-865-0700 ext 1127, or fill out this form below, whether it is simply to understand the foreclosure process, or to move forward in a short sale.

Stop My Foreclosure!

We can help!

We at Balance Realty Group are at your disposal using all of our experience, skills, and industry contacts to help you navigate thought this difficult time.

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ext. 1127

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"Balance Realty Group proved indispensable in helping us navigate the tricky world of short sales, and worked with us up to and through our closing date, ensuring that we felt comfortable with what was going on in the process. B.R.G. also never failed to look out for our best interests!" Joe & Heidi

I never thought that defaulting on a mortgage could happen to someone like me. Fortunately, I discovered Balance Realty Group in downtown Tampa. Everyone there took the time to answer my questions and go over all my options. In a few short weeks my going concerns were gone, and finding these folks was very fortuitous. Thanks, David Taylor

We had been searching for a new South Tampa home for months when we came across Balance Realty Group at Keller Williams advertisment. The home was a "Tampa short sale", and we...

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