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Membership to Balance Realty Group is FREE. Simply fill out this form and one of our associates will be in contact. We have a forte in counseling, and believe that BEFORE any customer can make an informed decision, they must know the ramifications of that decision. Therefore, we provide FREE access to our members for a respected Real Estate Attorney that can answer any questions that may arise. Please take your responsibility seriously because the wrong move can cost you!

When you become a member you will be counseled on all aspects of credit, short sales, loan modifications, and all the moving parts in your particular situation. The membership area also includes the specific documents used including: offer to purchase, sellers home disclosure, sellers authorization form to negotiate with your lender, commission agreement paid by the lender, Freddie Mac borrower form, and Short Sale instructions. All these forms can also be shared with your own attorney for review.

Lastly, remember lenders WANT to work with you in avoiding a foreclosure. The lending institution does not want to pay lawyers to file foreclosure, keep up with taxes and insurance on the property, administrative costs, lack of cash flow, trustee's fees, and all the costs of ownership remarketing the property. Banks are into LOANING not OWNING, and Balance Realty Group has been successful with institutions such as Indy Mac Bank, Countrywide, Wells Fargo, etc. in effecting these stop-gap measures, and getting the lender to decrease the period in which the asset is non-producing. We look forward to hearing from you so we can discuss our services.

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We at Balance Realty Group are at your disposal using all of our experience, skills, and industry contacts to help you navigate thought this difficult time.

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